Hi Tom
Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic service and magnificent spiced beef.

I bought my mother a spiced beef from you for xmas. I'm living in Indonesia so getting presents isn't the easiest! With the delivery service and the exceptional quality of the beef - she told me it was the best spiced beef she's ever had. Thank you.

It will be an annual order from now on

Best wishes and success in 2014
Deirdre Moriarty

15 January 2014

... this was so delicious - we loved it - beautiful quality meat and the spicing cleverly judged - versatile too as we enjoyed it hot with mash and cold with salad & pickles - everything was eaten & enjoyed & no waste - very impressed.

Happy New Year

5 January 2014

Hi there,
I am emailing rather unusually for me, in relation to my recent purchase of a packet of sliced spiced beef I bought in Supervalu Mount Merrion. My younger brother was getting a bit sick of chicken and ham, our usual sandwich/roll fillers for him for school. I saw the Tom Durcan spiced beef on shelf - the packaging attracted me and then the look of the product itself. We never ever eat beef in a sandwich but I thought I would try it for a change.

David (brother) nearly fell off his chair! He said, "what is in this?" so I told him and his response was "This is the most amazing sandwich you've made me in a long time. The meat is so good!" So I tried one myself, and I never eat bread but I did on this occasion!

Needless to say, the reason I am emailing is because I wanted to say thank you! I have never emailed any company before about a product but on this occasion I was so delighted with packaging, taste and look of the product that I thought - sure why not tell them! It is a fantastic product, a great alternative and one for those who hate nothing more than to see a packet of Denny or Galtee ham in the fridge - we never buy this! I thought the price was fair due to the quality of the product and all of the above I have already mentioned. I do hope people buy into your product so it remains on shelf as I see myself to be a long time buyer. I will also be telling my relatives in Cork to pop into the English Market and try it for a change as I believe you sell from here also!!!

The very best of luck with the product and with this one, I hope to see more lines appearing soon to support it. Great job!

Kind regards, Gillian Collins
26 November 2012

"When I walk into the English Market, I am usually stressed out and armed with a sheaf of recipes for complicated meals to cook for my friends. The recipes look wonderful in the pictures in the books, but there are always about a hundred ways that they could go wrong, and they tend to require hours of preparation and hassle. I spend ten minutes with Tom Durcan, and I go home with a perfect, simple meal, (and complete, uncomplicated instructions on how to cook it) that leaves my friends impressed, leaves me relaxed and looks better than any of the pictures in my recipe book!

His butterflied leg of lamb, marinated in rosemary and garlic is my favourite part of a barbeque, and his beef marinated in mustard and cracked black pepper is what I would order as my last meal if I were on death row."
Helen O'Connor, Barrister

"I am certain that in buying my meat from Tom Durcan, I am getting the finest quality meat that is available in Cork. Tom is passionate about his trade and he is always willing to give helpful advice about what to buy. Tom and his staff add to the shopping experience by the good humour and banter that they provide."
Professor Ciaran Murphy, University College Cork.

"The English Market just wouldn't be the same without the skill and experienced eye of Craft Butcher Tom Durcan. His stall in the market is located in prime position by the Princes Street Entrance, and facing the magnificent water fountain sculpture."

"Tom's has been a butcher for over twenty five years, starting out with a summer holiday job in school days. His career has taken him abroad to Denmark where he learned the skills of spicing and preserving meats. This skill consistently wins him honours today – for his beautiful festive Spiced Beef, which he makes to a basic recipe handed down to him by the butcher he worked for as a young school boy. His own twists and turns on that recipe have made it his own over the years, and Durcan's Spiced Beef is on the menu of some of the most prestigious eating establishments in the city – including Nash 19 on Princes Street and the Farmgate Café located at the top of the English Market itself. Preparation for this Christmas dish starts in late September with the mixing of the special spices and marinating the meat to allow those flavours to infuse – no wonder the end result is so good! "

"Tom's stall is always packed with wonderful Irish meats – farm reared beef, lamb, pork all sourced impeccably from local farms in Cork where possible. Beef is dry ages to ensure tenderness and succulence at all times. Cork's traditional cuts like kidneys and hearts are here too as well as the city's famous cruibins – the trotters of the pig which are cooked slowly to melting tenderness then crisped in the oven for an economical and time honoured speciality of the Cork city and county region. Housewives of Cork city can always be guaranteed good value shopping at Durcan's stall, and the sound advice of a man who knows his trade inside out."
Dianne Curtin.

"Durcan Meats and Nash 19 have forged a very strong relationship for more than a decade now. The restaurant and food shop buys everything from Tom's spiced beef, served both hot and cold, to beef cheeks and lamb shanks, and even ox tail When he gives it to us. We will continue to proudly support him as a neighbour and named supplier on our menus. Nash 19 Princes Street, a stones throw from the english market."
Nash 19 Restaurant and Food Shop, 19 Princes Street, Cork.

"I have used Tom's meat in the past because he is a master butcher who cares about his craft. His selecting and hand sourcing of meat assures his produce is of the highest quality available."
Ross Lewis, Chapter One Restaurant .